Online Marketer Online Marketing Chart

From Twitter to SEO to branding, I've got you covered. Don't believe me? Well here are my specialties: Content Marketing, SEO, Public Relations, Analytics, and Social Media.

Want specifics? You've got it:

  • Spanish and German fluency
  • Google Analytics
  • HTML and CSS (clearly)
  • SEOMoz, Raven, Cision, Salesforce and Radian6
  • Tumblr, Blogger and Wordpress
  • Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign

And if you still have questions about my level of expertise, I highly suggest you look at my work.

Amateur Cook My Homemade Pie

Cooking has always been a big part of my life. It's my hobby, my stress-reliever, my getaway from everything.

I'm not exactly a food snob, but I do appreciate quality when I see it.

My style of cooking? Authentic, fresh, and with a kick. Take a look at my blog if you're looking for cooking and food inspiration.

Social Media Enthusiast Vintage Twitter

I'm obsessed with social, so sue me.

Want to know what I'm eating? Check out my Instagram account.

Want to know where I'm going? Foursquare is a great stalking tool.

Want to know my thoughts on literally everything? Twitter is where I unleash my opinions on topics like marketing, art, travel, business, and puppies.

You can also follow me for breaking updates on things like: my landlord, my finals, and, yes, my laundry. Thrilling stuff.

Photo Credits: Flickr Users thethreesisters and budcaddell